The world's first digital stereo camera is easy to use!
Turn it on by opening the front (slide down the cover), press the shutter halfway to focus and take the 3D picture!

You can even see it in 3D on the screen without glasses! You can take pictures with or without flash.
We don't like the flash that's built into the camera, so we use an external flash that can be used either connected to the camera or off camera
(the flash is fired by the on-camera flash, which is covered by a piece of film, but the IR light gets through to the external flash).
If using flash, please read the entire flash section for best results.

NOTE: Be careful in holding the camera not to get fingers in front of the lenses!
ALSO: DO NOT TILT CAMERA! Always use camera in horizontal position ONLY.

PDF Owners Manual


for Camera/Flash

$500 deposit required
1 Day*
3 Day*

* no charge for shipping time, Priority Mail



The easiest way to shoot the camera is with NATURAL LIGHT mode: it should come preset under the MODE key in SP...

If you don't see the NATURAL LIGHT window when you press MODE and SP, just hit MENU/OK and toggle the up/down arrows to find it.

ISO is "auto" only in this mode. For best quality, we suggest going to "A" mode (see next)

A mode is APERTURE priority. You can turn the flash off by right arrow key (until you see SUPPRESSED FLASH) and the "F" key will allow you to set the ISO (100 is best quality). If you see the camera/exclamation mark icon, you should use a tripod!



The on camera flash has been covered with a piece of exposed (black) slide film which stops the visible light, but allows IR out which fires the slave flash.

We supply the METZ 28 CS2 external flash which can be attached to camera with folding bar for ease of use or...

(note: press bar forward to unlock for folding back)

Even better to hold flash up high for more natural lighting. Flash should fire from IR signal from camera's onboard flash. Make sure GREEN LIGHT on FLASH is lit after turning ON.

Two modes are recommended for flash photos:


With this mode, you must set the "EASY" mode on FLASH

This allows a wide variety of automatic settings...

Access via MODE button, up/down arrow keys, then press MENU/OK.

FLASH shown in EASY Mode (access via Mode button). If images are too dark or too light, use the PLUS (+) or MINUS (-) buttons to increase or decrease light output.

With this mode, you must set M (Manual) Mode on FLASH

This mode allows the best quality with full light output.

Access via MODE button, up/down arrow keys, then press MENU/OK.

FLASH shown in M (Manual) mode. (access via Mode button). No adjustments in this mode. Objects must be relatively close.


You can download images to your computer using SD card reader or USB cable. With USB cable images should be visible on your computer. Stereo images take with this camera are in a special ".mpo" format which most softwares can't read.

To view and edit your images, we recommend downloading a free software STEREO PHOTO MAKER

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