STUDIO 3D COLLECTS stereo images of every sort, but the main collection consists of
vintage (1950-1970's) stereo transparencies. These slides must be graded and categorized.
Both of these tasks are subjective, but we will here describe our system.



3/4" ROUND stickers are wrapped around the top center of a stereo slide, showing grade. Grades are not permanent and can be up or downgraded at any time... there's often a "what was I thinking?" upon review! Or tastes are refined with a more mature collection... it's all subjective, anyway.


This represents perfection in stereo photography. Worthy of museum exhibition. Absolute faves of the collection. Extremely rare.
Value $25++


Excellent stereo, great composition and exposure. Engaging content. Hall of Fame worthy. Very rare.
Value $20+


Really great image, may have flaws.
Value $10+


Great image, worth sharing.
Value $3-5+


Good image, worth keeping.
Value $2+


Marginal image, just worth keeping or use as trade.
Value $1+


Run of the mill, average amateur shot. Sell or trade.
Value $1-


Categories are tough to develop, since images may often fall into multiple categories.
We try to determine the strongest element in the image for category placement.
Categories may also be determined by one's own collecting interests. Our current category list:


        • PEOPLE For people images that don't fall into one of the other categories.
        • MEN Single or Group- portrait
        • COUPLE Usually guy and gal
        • LADIES Older women- portrait
        • GLAMOUR Younger, attractive- portrait
        • PINUP Models, swimsuit (regular beach in Recreation), skin, lingerie
        • NUDES Topless or less...
        • WEDDING FORMAL wear
        • KIDS School, graduation, birthday
        • FAMILY Mom/dad with kids
        • ADULT PARTY Booze, bars, adult birthday
        • OUTDOOR SHOW Parades, festivals, fairs, street performers, etc. (Rose Parade is a special category).
        • INDOOR SHOW Generally stage or auditorium shows, circuses, musicians etc.
        • FOREIGN Scenic Mostly vacation/scenic shots from around the world (non-North America).
        • SCENIC America Vacations at scenic North America destinations. (Places separate category)
        • RECREATION A lot of fishing and captured fish, hunting, baseball, camping, sports, music etc. Hobbies, games, toys. Beach, pool.
        • CHRISTMAS Features Christmas decorations, presents
        • COSTUMES Including Halloween, not part of a show.
        • PLACES Tourist Attractions- Usually specific: Coney Island , Knotts Berry Farm, etc Cities (hyper separate),
          Hotels (Disney and World's Fairs are special categories, zoo in Creatures)
        • TRANSPORT Features autos, trains, planes, boats, bicycles, gas stations, etc.
        • DESIGN Promotion Various commercial products: ads Art separate category.
        • BUILDINGS Homes, buildings, stores (usually without people) Furniture
        • INDUSTRY People at work, workplaces, farming; military
        • RELIGIOUS Christian and Jewish ceremonies (Bar Mitzvah, Communion), etc
        • ADVERSITY Hospital, Nurses, Dental other medical- Death related. Floods, accidents, fires etc
        • ART  Special effects and table tops, sculpture and drawing, floral 3D Club winners, titles
        • CREATURE Animals, Birds, Fish, Insects with/without people, zoo, aquarium
        • 3D VISABLE 3D Camera, viewer, glasses, projector visible (2D camera etc in Media)
        • MACRO Ultra closeup& less than normal interaxial
        • HYPER Aerial, cha-cha, separate cameras& more than normal interaxial
        • FOOD Diner, Kitchen, eating. Bar B Q
        • MEDIA TV or radio shown, movie making, studios- 2D cameras
        • PRINTED LABEL Images marketed for sale with titles printed on mount (Realist numbered  Stereo Originals special category)


We have decided, after many years and millions (?!) of slides, that RBT plastic mounts are by far the best and most versatile. Near any slide pair can be accommodated, from Nimslo to full-frame.

We do like to keep the original mount if the stereo window is well placed and images are aligned. However, many images benefit from precision mounting so many do get remounted. We do not like to store glass slides, so glass almost always is removed. (Glass adds weight and thickness, as well as inability to clean properly for scanning or viewing.) B quality slides are usually remounted in heat-sealed cardboard, while A quality are remounted in RBT.

Descriptions add much to the value of an image so we like to keep any information from the original mount. If on a label, the label may come easily off (especially if under glass), and can be adhered to new mount with double sided tape. But if there is writing on the (card) mount or on a label glued to glass, we use a piece of clear packing tape to rip off the top layer of paper with the enscription hopefully still intact. Worse can scenario is that the words and date are simply transcribed to the new mount. (It's best, if possible, to get the original writing for personality and to match against other slides to see if same photographer shot them).

Unfortunately in most cases the photographers are unknown. If we are lucky enough to know who took the photos, we make sure the names are on the mounts- often we print author's name on labels when there are many by same person. Knowing the photographer also adds value to an image.

Yes, and no. Very often one will get a series of images of the same situation or people. While we try to keep groups together, very often they are split due to grading differences or simply filing glitches. Also, when we run across very similar images, we will pick one to keep and put the other one up for sale or trade.

Good question! We were in favor of slide pages in notebooks for many years- especially when our slide shows were mostly 2x2 slide pairs. Now that we have shifted to 41x101mm single mounts for slide pairs, we have also shifted to drawers with boxes of slides. They just seem more easily transported and accessed. Pages or boxes? There's good reasons for either. We still use both.


Slide pair mounted in RBT, original label
Original slide mount with description, date
Description, date transcribed with fine Sharpie
Photographer's name on modern label affixed to back


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