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3D MOVIE MAGAZINE Dec 1953 Vol 1 No 3 with original glasses. Cover good, inside vg. $45.00


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DEEP 3D 1970 underground anaglyph comic with original glasses. Nice shape, but pages yellowed- almost brown. Kitchen Sink. $15.00

3D MOVIE MAGAZINE Sep 1953 Vol 1 No 1 with original glasses. Cover VG (sm tape), inside vg. $75.00

alien worlds poster.jpg (38225 bytes)

ALIEN WORLDS poster. 11 x 17" One fold. Great for display!


SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Swimsuit Issue in 3D! Excellent anaglyph images of the ladies and ads, too. Historical article on 3D. $15.00

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3D MOVIE MAGAZINE Oct 1953 Vol 1 No 2 no glasses. Cover, inside VG.. $50.00

pro photog.JPG (18827 bytes)

Professional Photographer July 1992 with excellent lenticular insert on cover, article inside on using ImageTek's 3D Phototrack. $15.00



true 3d.jpg (54340 bytes)

TRUE 3D #1 Dec 1953 
 Nice copy: real solid- center crease only real problem- both glasses intact. $25.00


supermanredblue.jpg (57304 bytes)

SUPERMAN RED SUPERMAN BLUE Feb 98 with anaglyph cover. Mint.


nat geo holo.JPG (13390 bytes)

December 1988 National Geographic- full holographic cover, including McDonald's ad on reverse. In original plain brown wrapper. $15.00

maskalbum.jpg (39360 bytes)

MASK STICKER COLLECTION ALBUM 1986 Anaglyph line art. Glasses bound in $5.00

people.JPG (21466 bytes)

Oct 26, 1987 PEOPLE magazine with bound-in folding stereo viewer (includes filmstrip!) of Toyota. Extremely unusual- and expensive- ad! $10.00

marvel 3Dman.JPG (37346 bytes)

MARVEL Premieres The 3-D MAN, , "a startling NEW super--hero from the FABULOUS 1950's". # 35 No 3D, however! April, 1977, $12.00

3dman 36.jpg (47921 bytes)

MARVEL Presents The 3-D MAN, , "a startling NEW super--hero from the FABULOUS 1950's". # 36 No 3D, however! June, 1977, $10.00

3dman 37.jpg (49470 bytes)

MARVEL Presents The 3-D MAN, , "a startling NEW super--hero from the FABULOUS 1950's". # 37 No 3D, however! Aug, 1977, $10.00

baccei inc.JPG (20875 bytes)

INC Magazine Oct 1994  with 7 page article on MAGIC EYE phenomenon and stereo $10.00


3d_pinups.jpg (35475 bytes)

3-D PINUPS 1953 Full page glossy anaglyphs throughout with center spread featuring Anita Ekberg. Cover nice except for brown stain along edge. Glasses (orig?) included. $50.00

color book robot.jpg (31642 bytes)

3D COLORING BOOK Robots 1985 with glasses, price sticker. $4.00

forbidden3d.jpg (43920 bytes)

FORBIDDEN 3D A "Chromascope" comic by Ray Zone,1993. Not in 3D... About how 3D comics were part of the book burnings of the early '50s $7.50


silly color mansion.jpg (28090 bytes)

SILLY MONSTERS 3D Coloring Book 1988 "Monster Mansion"


supermanreprint.jpg (36338 bytes)

SUPERMAN 3D Reprint of scarce 1953 publication, 1997 6 5/8 x 10 1/4" Mint $10.00


little eva.jpg (45298 bytes)

LITTLE EVA Cover a bit rough, inside good. One staple loose, With glasses (not original).Date stamp on cover. $15.00


adventuresin3d.jpg (65674 bytes)

ADVENTURES IN 3D Nov 1953.VG-FN, angled trim on top and bottom. With glasses (not original). $20.00


3dmonstermag.jpg (42861 bytes)

1964 3D MONSTERS Vol 1 No 1   Magazine. Exc shape- minor rub near spine. With original glasses glued to first page (page slightly ripped from attempt to remove glasses). $45.00
Also available without first page tear EXC $52.00

3dplanet.jpg (37033 bytes)

3-D PLANET hardcover book, 1994. Some of the best stereograms to come out of Japan. Still shrink wrapped. $25.00

3-D GIRLS 1965 Vol 1, No 1, Excellent condition, inside and out... no glasses. $65.00

superstereogram.jpg (35187 bytes)

SUPER STEREOGRAM Excellent 3D book includes converted stereopairs by Makoto Sugiyama not in 3D MUSEUM; foreword by David Burder and interview with Bela Julesz (creator of random dot stereogram). June 94 Still shrink-wrapped.  $25.00

3-D SCREEN Hollywood Pin-ups No.1, 1953. Fine cover , inside exc white! $65.00


Normalman 3D Annual~ Renegade 1986
Miracleman 3D #1~ Eclipse Dec 1985

Mr. Monster's 3D Horror ~  Eclipse May 1986 (reprint of classic "Picture of Evil") comes with four Mr. Monster non-3D comics: Horror 1, Origin 1, True Crimes 1,2 $10.00


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