DIGITAL stereo

Computers have completely changed the art and science of dimensional imaging. "3D" programs can render virtual scenes in full depth... in fact, the first major 3D film, TOY STORY was recently re-rendered in full stereo 3D, as was TOY STORY 2 and now TOY STORY 3 (D)! The digital revolution is happening: welcome BLU-RAY 3D DVDs and players!
James Cameron's AVATAR has changed the world's perception of 3D movies!

Still image 2D to 3D conversion

With the aid of proprietary digital technology (but mostly lots of "pixel sculpting"), we can offer stereo conversion of flat two dimensional art. This technique is recommended when it is not possible to obtain stereoscopic originals.

For more conversions, see our anaglyph page.

CROSSEYED view (instructions)

From 1994 to 1996 Ron Labbe was lucky enough to hook up with  MAGIC EYE™- the most successful line of stereogram books, calendars etc. (Ron had introduced Tom Baccei, who began MAGIC EYE™ with artist Cheri Smith, to stereo several years earlier.) From an article he read in Stereo World magazine in 1990, Tom created his own program and taught the world to freeview. Ron created many stereograms for the company, honing his computer skills along the way.

Stereogram created to promote STUDIO 3D's

mousetrapM.JPG (22907 bytes)

STUDIO 3D creates stereoscopic 3D computer graphics with 3DS MAX. This is a still from the award-winning short "MOUSETRAPPED".

CROSSEYED stereo still
INTERLACED stereo still. 3D shutterglass info

CROSSEYED stereo video 10 mb .wmv
This is a small version of the REVISED anitmation re-rendered
for IMAX 3D! Renamed "A Better Mousetrap". (720x240)
2D version (left eye view) video. Full size SD 10 mb .wmv

STUDIO 3D can create or take your computer model and render it in stereo, either as a still or as an animation. We work in mainly in 3DS MAX, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop and Sony Vegas Pro (very 3D friendly).

This view is PARALLEL stereo.
Click for 640x340 CROSSEYED stereo version.

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