Shutter Glass to Pola Switcher

THANKS to JEFF BOLLER and Bill Kolberg for this discovery!

It turns out that you can turn a pair of active DLP-Link 3D glasses into an "demux" pola-switcher for showing PASSIVE linear polarized 3D with an active DLP-Link projector! These switchers normally sell for thousands of dollars, but these glasses are only $40!

The polarization in these are 0/90, so either 0/90 glasses must be worn, or the shutter/switcher must be angles in front of projector lens at 45 degress for use with standard 45/135 glasses. Since the angled shutter/swicher barely covers the projection image, I'd opt for the 0/90 glasses. I'd pulled the left polararizer, but I think the rig will be better with the right pulled? These glasses work with the USB connector plugged in, so no need to worry about battery.

More to come.

These are the ESTAR GLASSES that we used.


Luckily it was pretty straightforward to remove the 7 or 8 tiny screws (2 were hidden under paper) plus the temple arm screws, then the inner shell has to be pried out (it snaps back in).

You can see there's an inner glass layer with a plastic polarized layer adhered to each side.

A fingernail was used to start the peeling away of the inner polarizer, with a tweezers to pull more, and finally fingers.

The polarizer adhesive comes away quite cleanly.

Photo shows electronic connection to LCD layer.


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