Do the images have to be 3D?
We can do 2D images, but you'd be missing out on the magic of 3D, which is one of the best reasons to do a View-Master® style reel. It's a little more work, but a lot more punch. And the price is the same either way.

What's the difference between Classic3D and Image3D reels?
Classic3D reels are the traditional paper-based reels, with film inserted. We normally do up to 100, since they are assembled by hand. These are the highest resolution reels available. Image3D reels are modern film-based reels, these are machine-made and are offered in quantities of 100+. Since they are cut from a single sheet of film, the center logo is part of the whole transparency, so can only be seen when held up to light.

What DPI do the images have to be in?
It doesn't matter. DPI stands of "Dots Per Inch", which means the same thing as "Pixels Per Inch".
The concept of DPI was intended to accomodate the variable image sizes intrinsic to printing and publishing.
Unlike printing and publishing, film recorders work with a fixed image size. The only thing that matters is the pixel resolution when we produce the film output for custom reels.

Why are there only 7 images when I count 14 on the reel?
When you look into a View-Master® viewer, each eye sees an image. If the image is in 2D, each eye sees the exact same image. If the image is in 3D, the images are slightly different (there is some horizontal parallax, which replicates the two different views your eyes see of the world).

Can 2D images be converted to 3D?
Yes, but... this is a time-consuming and expensive process- and not all 2D images are good candidates for stereoscopic treatment. We generally recommend adding layers to your 2D image... it could be text, logos, insets, whatever. From your layered .psd file we can easily make the image show a cardboard cutout type 3D effect. If your image has been rendered from a 3D program, it's relatively simple to render a second image for the stereoscopic pair. The best thing is to shoot your images in 3D, of course. If you want full conversion, we recommend sending us thumbnails to assess potential for good 3D.

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